Enrollment Welcome

Otis College of Art and Design

As an alternative to a direct payment by cash, check, or credit card, Otis College of Art and Design is pleased to offer our families the tuition payment plan, administered by Sallie Mae®.

The Tuition Payment Plan is a way to spread tuition payments over a number of months. You may save on interest charges by reducing the need to borrow using interest-bearing payment options.

We are offering the following plans:

Annual Plan*: Break your annual tuition into monthly installments rather than one lump annual sum! Annual plans can be set up prior to your tuition due date.

Spring and Summer Term Plan*: Break your annual spring/summer tuition into monthly installments rather than one lump sum! This plan can be set up prior to your spring semester tuition due date.

To enroll in either of these plans, simply click one of the links above that best fits your needs!

If you want to enroll in a payment plan and make your initial payment using a credit card, you will need to initiate your enrollment by calling 800-635-0120. Keep in mind that all payments made by phone will be assessed a convenience fee.

Once you are enrolled, access your personal account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Manage Your Account. Select the Manage your payment plan link above under Returning Customer to get started!

Otis College of Art and Design encourages you to enroll in the tuition payment plan. If you have any questions about the plan, call (800) 635-0120 and a specialist will be happy to assist you.

*Please note: International Students are not eligible to sign up for the Otis Tuition Payment Plan

LATE FEE: Your account may be charged a $10.00 late fee for each late payment received.

BUDGET AMOUNTS:  Please look at the "Otis Tuition and Fee Schedule" that is mentioned above to determine your budget amount. Once your budget amount is set, you cannot adjust the amount online. Please call the Student Accounts office at 310.665.6838. It is the responsibility of the student to verify that the remaining payments will pay off the annual balance due to avoid student account holds.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  If you miss two consecutive tuition payment plan payments, your account will be canceled and you will be charged a 7.5% cancellation penalty by the school. Once your tuition payment plan account is canceled, you must still fulfill your financial obligations to the school.

CREDIT CARD CONVENIENCE FEE:  Please note each monthly credit card payment made using the automated system, will be assessed approximately a 2.5% convenience fee. The convenience fee will be identified before your application is submitted. Automatic Bank Payments (ACH) do not incur a convenience fee.

If you have any questions on the above policies or how to determine your budget amount, please contact Otis' Student Accounts office at 310.665.6838.